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Mohs Reconstruction Orange County

Skin Cancer affects one in five Americans during their lifetime – with 80% of these cancers developing on the face, neck or scalp. Basal cell carcinoma is the most common form of skin cancer – in fact it is the most common of all cancers. Squamous cell carcinoma is the second most common skin cancer.

Mohs Surgical Reconstruction in Orange County and Laguna Beach
Moh’s surgery is a technique that was developed specifically to remove skin cancers. Since tissue is removed and examined microscopically to be sure that all margins are examined – the Moh’s technique ensures complete removal of the cancer. Moh’s is also called Moh’s excision, Moh’s removal or simply Moh’s surgery. The procedure involves two critical components: 1) Moh’s removal of the skin cancer and 2) Moh’s Reconstruction of the defect.

Moh’s defects are mainly found on the face, with many on the nose and lip areas. Skilled reconstructive surgery is required to prevent serious aesthetic deformity – especially of these critical facial areas. A Facial Plastic Surgeon is a key component of this effort and is the surgeon specialized to reconstruct the defect after Moh’s surgery.

Dr. Yeh is a Moh’s Reconstruction expert with specialized training –who reconstructs facial defects after removal of the skin cancer.

Moh’s surgery is specialized and commonly utilized to remove skin cancers of the head and neck where preservation of the greatest amount of tissue is most likely. Men and women with skin cancers or tumors of the eyelids, nose, cheeks, lips, and other facial areas who undergo Moh’s surgery could be good candidates for Moh’s Reconstruction. Dr. Yeh will be able to determine this during your initial consultation.

Dr. Yeh believes that the initial consultation is most important and should be done face to face with your surgeon. After listening closely and carefully to your concerns, Dr. Yeh is able to do a critical evaluation and make the correct recommendations to address your specific needs. It is during the consultation that you both arrive at a mutual understanding and trust which enables Dr. Yeh to tailor the treatment plan that is best suited to you – not somebody else.

Reconstructive surgery for Moh’s is performed using either a skin flap or skin graft. Skin flaps employ excess nearby tissue which is transferred onto the defect to repair it. Skin grafts use a piece of skin, from an inconspicuous area with excess, available tissue – such as behind the ear to repair the defect. Typical areas requiring reconstruction include: the nose, lip(s), cheeks, forehead and temple areas. Dr. Yeh’s staff will be sure you have specific aftercare instructions and information about the healing process and appropriate care of the surgical area. Our staff can talk to you about Mineral makeup to camouflage and to encourage healing and dermabrasion to treat minor scarring. If needed, scar revision surgery can be performed at a later time.

His skilled hands & extensive knowledge – combined with an artistic eye & experience enables Dr. Yeh to achieve the most natural looking results possible.

Surgery is serious business – many times it is life changing. Choosing a surgeon who is qualified and able to achieve the right outcome is critical. Dr. Yeh is fellowship trained Facial Plastic Surgeon and board certified which means he has many extra years of surgical and reconstructive training and experience, vast knowledge, meticulously honed skills and expertise beyond the norm. He has focused on and is specialized in all procedures of the head and neck. This does not guarantee a certain outcome – but can ensure you that he is a skilled expert and highly qualified to perform your chosen procedure.

You can safely trust your face to this facial plastic surgeon…