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Facial Trauma Treatment Orange County

In the United States alone – more than three million patients are treated in Emergency Rooms every year for facial trauma. Falls, motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, and assaults account for the largest number of facial trauma cases – which can range from a minor injury to a significant medical event.

Facial Trauma Repair in Orange County and Irvine
Facial trauma is a broad category that includes personal injury ranging from a small cut to a life-threatening injury. Facial trauma is often identified by lacerations or breaks in the skin, bruising around the eyes, widening of the distance between the eyes, changes in nasal shape/appearance, abnormal movement of the jaw, and numbness or a change in sensation to the cheeks.

Dr. Yeh has specialized training & expertise in Facial Trauma Repair & Reconstructive Surgery. He employs the most advanced, refined methods that are proven & reliable.


  • Soft Tissue/Skin Trauma includes lacerations or cuts and may involve the skin, subcutaneous tissue, underlying muscle or nerves, or a combination of these elements. Traumatic facial injuries may be blunt, penetrating and/or avulsive in nature. An avulsion or loss of soft tissue may create a significant deformity which requires reconstruction.
  • Bony Trauma includes injury to the facial bones and may involve the nasal bones, orbital bones, maxilla or mandible (jaw). These injuries occur commonly and typically require reconstruction.
  • Facial Trauma typically results in a significant degree of swelling in the face which may delay treatment or result in a prolonged recovery time.

The degree of trauma, location of injury, amount of swelling, and the age and general health of the patient all factor into the treatment plan. Repair of facial injuries may begin in the Emergency Room or require surgery to stabilize the injuries. Reconstructive surgery may be performed shortly thereafter or may occur in the future.

All medical treatments are serious decisions and should be treated as such. Effectively treating facial traumas requires critical understanding of the facial anatomy – including the nerves, muscles and boney structure. Dr. Yeh has specialized training and years of experience in facial traumas and reconstructive procedures, and as a board certified surgeon, he has many more years of training and experience than other physicians. He is specialized in procedures of the head and neck and has meticulously honed his skills in all treatments – surgical and non-surgical to effectively perform your chosen procedure.

Dr. Yeh is highly skilled, well-educated & focused on procedures of the head & neck…you can trust your face to this facial plastic surgeon!