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Lip Augmentation Orange County

Some people have never had the lips of their dreams and others have watched their sexy, beautiful, full lips disappear with normal aging. Aging and genetics cause our lips to lose their fullness, to droop and to become thin, while the corners of the mouth sag and fine lines become visible. Smoker’s lines often appear above the upper lip as the lip itself thins and fades. All of this combines to make us look older and sometimes results in an angry or sad appearance to the face. Dr. Yeh performs lip augmentation to restore the lost lips of youth. Using today’s most advanced techniques and materials such as Restylane and Juvederm enables him to rejuvenate your lips so they look more youthful and natural.

Dr. Yeh was very positive, informative and educational at the first consultation. All of my questions were completely answered and I did not feel rushed or pressured and all of my options were discussed thoroughly. The procedure went exactly as planned and there were no surprises. The results are excellent. Dr. Yeh and assistant Janette are completely professional and the office atmosphere is comfortable and reassuring. Ken M. – 11/9/11

Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure Dr. Yeh performs to add or restore fullness, shape and contour to thin, deflated, aging lips. Dr. Yeh uses today’s safest, most advanced but reliable materials such as Juvederm and Restylane to restore your lips to a more youthful – beautiful shape and contour.


  • Lip Augmentation can give you the lips you’ve always wanted but never had
  • Lip Augmentation is an office procedure – it’s safe & effective
  • Lip Augmentation plumps thin lips & reduces fine lines & wrinkles
  • Lip Augmentation lifts droopy lip corners to erase a sad, mad look
  • Lip Augmentation helps to restore facial balance – a natural look

Any man or woman who wants to defy-aging and rejuvenate their lips to a more youthful appearance by restoring fullness could be an ideal candidate. Dr. Yeh can determine, during your personal consultation, if Lip Augmentation is right for you, and if so, what technique and materials would be most effective. You should be in otherwise good health and be capable of having realistic expectations.

Dr.Yeh believes that the initial consultation is most important and should be done face to face with him. After listening closely and carefully to your concerns, Dr.Yeh is able to do a critical evaluation and make the correct recommendations to address your specific needs. It is during the consultation that you both arrive at a mutual understanding and trust that enables Dr. Yeh to tailor the treatment plan that is best suited to you – not somebody else.

Treatments for Lip Augmentation using injectable fillers typically take only a few minutes and are done in the office. Dr. Yeh uses topical anesthesia and keeps you comfortable during the entire procedure. Injectable fillers can last up to 6-18 months.

Surgery is serious business – many times it is life changing. Choosing a surgeon who is qualified and able to achieve the right outcome is critical. Dr. Yeh is fellowship trained Facial Plastic Surgeon and board certified which means he has many extra years of surgical and reconstructive training and experience, vast knowledge, meticulously honed skills and expertise beyond the norm. He has focused on and is specialized in all procedures of the head and neck. This does not guarantee a certain outcome – but can ensure you that he is a skilled expert and highly qualified to perform your chosen procedure.

You can safely trust your face to this facial plastic surgeon…