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Mole Removal Orange County

Facial moles and lesions appear commonly on the cheeks, nose, forehead or neck and can be unsightly based upon their size and location. Mole and lesion removal is a very common procedure chosen by thousands of men and women every year. Several types of treatments are used to accomplish safe, effective removal with minimal downtime or discomfort. Dr. Yeh performs facial mole/lesion removals as an office procedure and his patients return to work or normal activity in a short period of time.

Mole Removal in Orange County, Irvine and Laguna Beach
Facial moles are small growths the same color as the skin and can be either flat or raised. A mole may remain unchanged throughout your lifetime, or it can change and become concerning for malignancy. New moles may also develop over time – particularly in areas of the skin that receive significant sun exposure.

Facial Lesions can be lumps, cracks, ulcers or abnormal discoloration of the skin that are not normally present. If they are benign (non-cancerous) they are considered harmless and may be cosmetically unappealing.


  • Facial Mole & Lesion Removal is performed for both health & cosmetic reasons
  • Facial Mole & Lesion Removal employs several – safe-effective methods
  • Facial Mole & Lesion Removal eliminates concerns about possible cancer
  • Facial Mole & Lesion Removal improves a person’s cosmetic appearance
  • Facial Mole & Lesion Removal is an office procedure
  • Facial Mole & Lesion Removal involves little or no downtime & discomfort
  • Dr. Yeh is an expert in all mole/lesion removal methods

Men and women of various ages who are unhappy with their appearance and/or concerned about facial moles and lesions – could be good candidates for Dr. Yeh’s specialized procedures. You should be capable of realistic expectations and be in overall good health. During your consultation – Dr. Yeh will do a thorough evaluation of your condition and will tailor a treatment plan to address your specific needs.

Dr. Yeh believes that the initial consultation is most important and should be done face to face with your surgeon. After listening closely and carefully to your concerns, Dr. Yeh is able to do a critical evaluation and make the correct recommendations to address your specific needs. It is during the consultation that you both arrive at a mutual understanding and trust which enables Dr. Yeh to tailor the treatment plan that is best suited to you – not somebody else.

Dr. Yeh will determine the correct treatment for your facial mole(s) and/or lesions based upon their size and location.

  • Surgical Excision – may be necessary if the mole is flat or if a tumor is suspected. The full length of the mole is removed and the wound is sutured or a skin flap can be used if covering is needed.
  • Shave Excision – is a simple procedure used for treating protruding moles. Dr. Yeh numbs the skin with local anesthetic and then removes the mole, above the skin’s surface.
  • Curettage – is a scraping method to remove ulcers and allow healing to take place.
  • Radiotherapy – could be helpful in certain malignant skin lesions.
  • Laser Therapy – may be used to removal facial moles. Lasers seal blood vessels and evaporate the removed tissues. Following laser removal, a scab forms and falls off within 2 weeks.

Dr.Yeh’s patients experience little to no downtime after a treatment – in fact – most people return to work immediately the next day.

Dr. Yeh’s knowledge – experience & surgical skill – ensures outcomes that restore function & a natural looking – pleasing appearance.

Surgery is a serious decision – many times it is life changing. Choosing a surgeon who is qualified and able to achieve the right outcome is critical. Dr. Yeh is a Board Certified surgeon with fellowship training in Facial Plastic Surgery – which means he has many extra years of cosmetic and reconstructive surgical training and experience beyond the norm. He has focused on and is specialized in all procedures of the head and neck. This does not guarantee a certain outcome – but can ensure you that he is a skilled expert and highly qualified to perform your chosen procedure.

You can trust your face to this facial plastic surgeon!