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Rhinoplasty Orange County

Every year more than one-half million men, women and children have their noses reshaped – for cosmetic and functional reasons. Nasal reshaping is done to reduce or increase the overall size of the nose, to change the angle between the nose and the upper lip – to remove a hump, to narrow the nostrils span – or to reshape the tip or bridge of the nose. Dr. Yeh is a “nose expert” and can create the nose you’ve never had but always wanted.

The shape of the nose changes due to normal aging. If you’ve suffered from an injury resulting in a deviated nasal septum, Dr. Yeh will skillfully correct the distorted nose to restore normal function and breathing as well as a natural looking appearance. Ethnicity, age and gender all factor into the delicate – complex art of rhinoplasty surgery and requires experience, skill and a thorough understanding of the facial/nasal anatomy in order to achieve results that are right for each individual. Achieving facial balance is also critical in procedure. Dr. Yeh customizes every Rhinoplasty surgery so that your nose is reshaped to your realistic ideal – without changing you.

Precision – skill – & artistic ability are all required to achieve natural looking Rhinoplasty results – without altering a person’s unique ethnic characteristics. Dr. Yeh is a Board Certified Surgeon who is specialized in surgeries of the nose.


  • Rhinoplasty can improve impaired breathing from injury
  • Rhinoplasty can change the size, shape & angle or the nose
  • Rhinoplasty corrects/reshapes damage from injury of previous surgery
  • Rhinoplasty improves the overall appearance of the nose
  • Rhinoplasty makes an aging nose look more youthful
  • Rhinoplasty gives people the nose they’ve always wanted

Men and women 15 years or older, of any ethnicity could benefit from Rhinoplasty surgery or Nose Job in Orange County, Irvine and Laguna Beach. You should be in otherwise good health and capable of having realistic expectations. Dr. Yeh will be able to determine, during your personal consultation, if and how Rhinoplasty could benefit you, and he will tailor your treatment plan to meet your specific needs.

Dr. Yeh believes that the initial consultation is most important and should be done face to face with your surgeon. After listening closely and carefully to your concerns Dr. Yeh is able to do a critical evaluation and make the correct recommendations to address your specific needs. It is during the consultation that you both arrive at a mutual understanding and trust than enables Dr.Yeh to tailor the treatment plan that is best suited to you – not somebody else.

Dr. Yeh will perform your surgery in a world-class surgery center complete with all of the necessary state of the art technologies and instruments to ensure that your surgery is safe and effective.

Open or Closed Rhinoplasty will be performed based upon what Dr.Yeh has determined during your consultation. An Open procedure involves incisions that are made on the inside of the nose with an additional small incision outside on the underside of the nose between your nostrils. A Closed procedure means the incisions are made inside the nose only. Open Rhinoplasty is typically used in more complex cases. After you are sedated and completely comfortable, Dr. Yeh will make the correct incisions and will work through those incisions to remove excess nasal tissue and will also alter the size and shape of your nose by working on cartilage and bone. His skilled hands and extensive knowledge, combined with an artistic eye and experience enable him to achieve the most natural looking results possible.

Surgery is serious business – many times it is life changing. Choosing a surgeon who is qualified and able to achieve the right outcome is critical. Dr. Yeh is fellowship trained Facial Plastic Surgeon and board certified which means he has many extra years of surgical and reconstructive training and experience, vast knowledge, meticulously honed skills and expertise beyond the norm. He has focused on and is specialized in all procedures of the head and neck. This does not guarantee a certain outcome – but can ensure you that he is a skilled expert and highly qualified to perform your chosen procedure.

You can safely trust your face to this facial plastic surgeon…