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Dr. Yeh was recently quoted in a article titled “Can Cosmetic Injections Cause Blindness?” Here’s a brief snippet from it:

Fillers to the EyeWe’ve stressed time and time again the importance of only going to an experienced board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon who specializes in the particular field they practice when going in for cosmetic procedures. Aside from getting a poor result, there are also other serious complications that can occur if you don’t see the right doctor. One in particular is blindness.

Blindness is a rare complication that can occur after fillers and/or injections. Reports in scientific literature have shown that nearly every type of cosmetic injection, whether it’s hyaluronic acid, collagen, fat or other material, has been found in rare instances to cause decreased vision after being injected. This particular complication ranges from being temporary to permanent.

“What we believe happens is that if the material is injected into specific blood vessels like the central retinal artery or ophthalmic artery, the vessels can become included, or blocked,” says Laguna Woods, CA, facial plastic surgeon Corey Yeh, MD. “That’s what causes the problem and what leads to decreased vision or blindness.”

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